"Richard III"

Costume Designer: Marcus Henry

Actor as Richard III is  Rodney Lizcano who is wearing a custom made armor that covered his hump and could easily be removed on stage.  I scultped it out of  Fosshape, covered it with leather, and then  gave it a silver leaf finish.

Photographer: Jennifer Koskinen,

courtesy of Colorado Shakespeare Festival 2018

"Cyrano de Bergerac"

Costume Designer: Hugh Hansen

Actress as Roxane is Brynn Tucker .  She is wearing a hand blocked hat that I blocked over a flower pot  and then trimmed it to match the designers renderings.

Photographer: Jennifer Koskinen, courtesy of Colorado Shakespeare Festival 2018

Bernstein's production  of "Candid" 

Costume Designer: Jennifer Moeller

Marco Cammarota as the Baron & Cynthia Cook as the Baroness

Photographer: Karli Cadel courtesy of The Glimmerglass Festival 2015

"Josephine Tonight"

This head piece was made using two dozen bleached peacock feathers . I made it so they broke down to ship and easily assemble to wear the night it arrived.  It was based on a sculpted Fosshaped sequined base.

Costume Designer: The late Reggie Ray

Actress as Josephine Baker: Zurin Villanueva 

Photo courtesy of Metro Stage 

"To Come About"

A Narrative Conceptual Ship Hat Series

This hat was 1 of 6 hats that I built for the Garner Narrative Gallery in 2012 

It is made of vintage strip straw hand sewn together, vintage lace, then  accented with a leather figure head and hand torched glass mast.

Model: Grace Diamond

Photographer: John Nation



This image was one of four live flower hats I built called

"The Spark of Blossom Series."  It was made possible by collaborating with a florist, model, several other stylists and a photographer.  The leather tierra was hand painted and wrapped with gold plated wire around little vases of water to hold the forsythia cuttings.

30 Dr Tremedeous.jpg

Dr. Tremedous, was a character I helped create for a creature puppeteer company called, Big Nazo.  His lab coat had magnet closures and studded metal cuffs trimmed in faux rat fur. I made dozens of puppet costumes for the Rhode Island-based creature puppet company and each one was custom made in the Artistic Director's vision.

To see more of my puppet costume creations go to www.bignazo.com

"The Stag King"

Costume Designer: Sarah Havens at Miami University. 

(above LF) The stag king headpiece was made by sculpting Form Flex over a  sculpted plaster mold.  The eyes lit up and turned off when the stag died. 

(above RT) The dancing polar bear was made using a backpack and plastic tubing as an understructure to support the custom hand painted,  cloth body.